My insomnia was not caused by stress and neither yours

It is a question many of us have been asking for ages now: what causes someone to stay up all night, even if they may experience feelings of exhaustion? I used to have a harder time falling asleep especially after working out intensely. 1 hour of workout would keep me awake for 3 days, and it clearly had something to do with my poor sleep.

As mentioned in my 1st post, mineral deficiency(and dehydration caused by a mineral deficiency) was my answer to my chronic insomnia, and I believe for many of you, it is the same. I’ve seen many people around me with regular workout routine and healthy diets experiencing sleep problems. Workout depletes your minerals. There is no question about this. The more we sweat, the more we lose minerals. For some reason, this simple math has not been recognized as a common knowledge. If we sweat, then we need more minerals. A sweaty person like myself loses so much more minerals(I estimate it to be at least a few times more depending on whom I compare to) than most people, and especially when I workout and sweat a lot, that even becomes exponential.

I’d often hear people saying “maybe you think too much in bed” almost every time I openly talked about my insomnia to figure out a cure. As much as I understood that they were trying to help, people who would make those comments never experienced insomnia, therefore assumed it was just another psychological problem caused by stress. They just never experienced real insomnia, but hearing that comment was challenging during my insomnia phase. It felt that no one could understand what I was going through, and no one could give me any good advice, and maybe there is no cure for me. The only thing that was clear for me even with my foggy un-functional brain due to insomnia was that the insomnia was damaging my mental health, not the other way around.
Let’s Mg up!

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