RDI might not be your dose because you lose more minerals

Traditionally, the easiest way to incorporate magnesium into your daily regimen is through ingestion although most of our everyday foods do not contain enough magnesium to help human bodies carry through their daily functions especially for people who lose a lot of minerals from sweating. For those looking to increase their daily intake through food, green vegetables (kale, broccoli, green beans, etc) are suggested, however, to get enough Mg to cure your insomnia, taking supplements or transdermal method would be the way to go. We cannot get enough Mg from our modern diets grown in our modern soil except for a few countries. (Some African counties have soil with much higher Mg than the US)

If someone is in need of more magnesium in their diet, the easiest and most convenient way to accomplish this is through magnesium supplements, which are available at most local health food locations. It is generally suggested that adult women have 310-360 mg daily and adult men have between 400 and 420 mg. However, these are the regular recommenced daily dosage levels, and the amount needed varies. If someone whose weight is 250lbs, whose height is 6’3, and workout every day and sweaty, they would need a few times or more Mg than someone who weighs 120lbs, 5’0 tall, no workout and not sweaty.

This is why even when people take the recommenced daily dose, they can be still deficient. Determining your optimal dose of Mg will take some time, and as you replenish your Mg levels in your body, your optimal dose can go down as well. Replenishing your Mg is a long journey. Let d’med app help you along the way.

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