Our app will improve your sleep. What? How?!

After I cured my years long chronic insomnia, my close friend started to refer me to her friends who had the same problem. I would give them advice on supplementing magnesium, but there was just so much information to provide to them. I could not just tell them to just try taking magnesium because #1 it’s better not to take magnesium oxide(most common in stores) #2 how much to take? #3 when to take #4 how do they know they are really lacking? and so on. What people wanted to do was to solve their sleep problem instead of being overwhelmed by lots of new information about minerals. On top of it, most people didn’t have time to learn. They needed a solution, not a tutorial course about minerals because they were having serious insomnia like once did. That is when I decided to make an app for insomnia.

It is safe to assume most of people are deficient on magnesium because of how difficult it is to get enough magnesium from diets(most foods just don’t have much magnesium, and our modern soil has very little magnesium), and especially for sweaties, it is even harder because they lose more magnesium and need more. Maybe just take more Mg supplements? Well, it can upset your stomach if you take a lot at once. (This happened to me many times)

I keep saying I am a sweaty person, and let me tell you how sweaty I am. I rarely see anyone who sweats more than me at the gym. (They do exist but not so often). During freezing cold winter, if I walk for about 10-15 mins, no matter how cold it is, I sweat as if I am in a sauna inside my thick jacket. I prefer cold winter to hot summer just because in summer, I sweat so much ,and it’s not comfortable for me.

So yes, I sweat a lot, lose lots of minerals, therefore need lots of them. I know there are people losing more minerals like me but still struggling with insomnia because they just don’t know it is their mineral deficiencies causing their insomnia.
Let’s Mg up!

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